Smart Surfaces: Integrating Technology into Outdoor Kitchen Worktops


It has been a relatively interesting process to see the development of outdoor kitchens, combining two great passions, namely cooking on one hand and enjoying the outdoors on the other. As technology advances and becomes a part of people’s lives, even in outdoor kitchen worktops it is not left behind. The incorporation of smart surfaces to these kitchen spaces is a major step up in technology advancement, ease, and aesthetic design. This article focuses on how the aspects of technology are being adopted in the development of the outdoor kitchen worktops with aspects of efficiency, ease of use, beauty being discussed in this article.

Looking at the trends, it is easy to see that there is something magical about the evolution of an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor entertaining spaces with kitchens can be also called as outdoor kitchens and these have become very popular in the last few years. They provide a different method of keeping people amused or passing time with friends and relatives, and even celebrate barbeque evenings and the pleasure of using preparation of foods outdoors. Earlier these kitchens were small and primary requirements were met here for preparing a basic meal. However, an increase in the necessity for better and more utilitarian gardens has promoted the usage of improved materials, appliances and, at last, smart technology.

Understanding Smart Surfaces

Smart surfaces can be defined as advanced surfaces that are incorporated with technologies to respond to its users and the surrounding. These surfaces could therefore be used for charging of devices, informing or even controlling other smart devices. There is little method in any case that smart surfaces cannot revolutionize worktops of outdoor kitchens and in this way change the general cooking process for the better.

Some of the Characteristics of Smart Surfaces in the Exterior Kitchens

  1. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one of the most functional and viable uses of smart surfaces in the outdoors, especially in the context of the worktops of the open kitchen. Such surfaces can also recharge mobile phones, iPad, and similar compatible gadgets without the use of wires and connections. This feature makes certain that your devices stays on to provide power to whatever you are looking for, be it a recipe, music for a party.

2. Integrated Touch Controls

Smart worktops can have buttons literally embedded on the very top or on the side of the surface. These controls can operate most of the kitchen equipment’s and lights and even the heat of the grill. Consider cooking with a flame of your outdoor stove or having the ambient lights switched on just by swiping on the counter top.

3. Interactive Displays

Some homes use smart surfaces that have capabilities that allow them to display recipes, timers, or the weather among others. Such strips are normally flush-mounted and work well on the countertop while giving some sense of the future. It becomes easy if you have the recipes with you while you are cooking or receiving updates on the weather.

4. Temperature control and safety features Mugla: Faculty of Education, University of Akdeniz, 2005

Some of the features of smart surfaces could be heat regulation and safety options which would be helpful for outdoor kitchens. Such surfaces can even identify hot areas and notify people to avoid them in order to avoid getting burnt. Also, they can regulate the temperature of the worktop itself in a way that while preparing food it never becomes hot to the touch despite the hurt that it makes when there is a lot of heat being produced.

5. Durability and Weather Resistance

Outdoor kitchen worktops are more exposed to several conditions hence they require to be resistant to several weathers. Smart surfaces also have a long-life span as materials used are UV stabilized, water-proof and can withstand extreme temperatures. This way your worktop is able to serve its function and also look beautiful whether it is a sunny day or a rainy one.

Impact of Smart Surfaces in the Exterior Kitchen Environment

Enhanced Convenience

The first advantage that accords smart upwards into outdoor kitchen worktops is that they enhance the convenience of the worktops. Consequently, the space becomes more user-friendly due to wireless charging, touch controls, and interactive displays involved in cooking and entertaining.

Safety Improvements

The protective characteristics of smart surfaces are especially appreciated in outdoor zones, including outdoor kitchens. Using electrical heat crimping tools also help to locate hot spots and have relatively low surface temperatures to decrease the probability of burns and accidents. This is very relevant if there are children and pet around the building as could be seen in this article.

Aesthetic Appeal

Smart surfaces give a contemporary and sleek look to the out door kitchen. It looks modern due to the great integration of technology into the worktop where the equipment can easily be placed creating a great look to the kitchen. This can also raise the value of your house because high-technology outdoors kitchen facilities are some of the features that homeowners do look for in any house.

Smart Surface Technologies are novel nanomaterials that provide uses with greater control over their environments by changing the surfaces of objects to their preferred textures and coat.

Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton provides ultra-compact surfaces that are perfect for integration into the out door kitchen. They are also very immune to fading, scratching and staining and to UV radiation too. Smart incorporation of the worktop with Dekton makes the more resilient worktop that has provisions for wireless charging and touch features.

Trends in smart surfaces; exterior kitchens

This is an area that is bound to improve with time given the continuous developments especially in the area of technology in smart surfaces outdoor kitchen. Some potential future trends include:Some potential future trends include:

Solar-Powered Surfaces

Smart surfaces combined with solar panels may offer a clean source of energy for the functions of wireless charging and so on. Outdoor cooking, therefore, became more efficient and did not require outside power sources to run the appliances.

Advanced Materials

Emerging technologies that are used in the fabrication of Smart Surfaces will keep improving the form and function of surface technology by producing more durable material besides improving the technological capabilities of the Smart Surfaces. Such materials could provide better protection of the construction from natural conditions such as weather and wear, additionally they could be made more interactive.


The proper implementation of smart surfaces into the worktops of the outdoor kitchens is one of the examples of how technology can change the experience. New materials have made OEM more convenient, efficient, safe and beautiful and has turned outdoor kitchen into functional and fun. Focusing on the examples that have derived from exacting current advancements in technology, it can be asserted that the technology of smart surfaces is only going to get more enthralling and versatile in the future. Whether amateur or professional when it comes to outdoor cooking or having a penchant for parties fundamen­tal outdoor appliances will take your meals preparation or entertainment up a notch.

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